Three Goals

July is about to end. Time sure hell flies. More than half a year’s gone. What have I done, exactly?

I started 2012 with the intention to strike off several anime in my to-watch list. It’s getting too long and I’ve got to do something about it. I remember the mission started very well with me striking off several anime off the list such as Gunslinger Girl, Detective Conan movies and Honey & Clover. But that kind of stopped after just a month or two.

Déjà vu.

I guess I shouldn’t feel too dejected about the whole thing since work-wise, things are starting to turn out to be really good this year. I’m learning new technologies, working in different exciting projects, travelling to different places and such. Of course, I’d prefer I don’t have to wake up early in the mornings to catch a flight. I’m not a morning person >.<.

But then again, I really want to finish off Welcome to the NHK. I tweeted about wanting to watch this. In fact, I have the whole series with me, on my desk. Instead of opening the DVD, I either chose to watch currently airing series (which isn’t a bad thing) or attend other matters that is not hobby-related (which is a bad thing). Granted, I allocated some of my holidays to gaming. I needed to clear off some of the games that have been piling up over the years.

I believe in working hard, playing hard. So I’m gonna make goals to complete in the remaining half of the year. They say, stating one’s goal publicly will provide motivation in accomplising a goal. Well, kind of. I think? We’ll see.

Here’s the list of anime I’m gonna complete this year:-

  1. Welcome to the NHK
  2. Arakawa Under the Bridege (2 seasons)
  3. Paradise Kiss

This should make a reasonable list. Don’t make goals you can’t achieve right?

Wish me luck?


24 thoughts on “Three Goals

  1. I completed the first two on the your list years ago. I guess in way they were both worth watching – depending on what type of person you are. Even if you do not have plenty of time to spare, these titles (well, the two I watched) should be easy to digest.

    • Yeah, those on my list are pretty old anime. There were pretty good reactions to these series, which is why I know I have to watch them. It’s good to know that they’re easy to digest. That’d help a lot in accomplishing my goals! =)

  2. Working on your backlog is something that’s always tricky and time consuming. Since this season is a much slower one, I figured it was a good time to start up some of the things I couldn’t before as well. So I wish you good luck in your endeavors. And just so you know, I think you picked out some good series to watch.

    • Whatever you plan to start up, I wish you luck! =)

      Yeaps, yeaps, I’ve heard good things about these series. I sure hope they’re worth my time. >.<

  3. Yes Hoshiko. I also believe that publicly announcing our goals will make us keep everything in track.

    My problem was with Dantalian no Shoka. It seems to me that the files in the Internet (or atleast, at the site where I got them) are messed up and I don’t want to look for it again. Perhaps I should just watch it at streaming sites to solve the problem immediately. ^^

    • In a way, it does give me some kind of motivation. >.<

      Hmmm….torrents should be still around no? The series isn't that old. But if your Internet connection is stable, then yeaps, just watch it at streaming sites. =)

  4. Ganbare~ 😀
    “Don’t make goals you can’t achieve right?” – learned my lesson the hard way, lol

    Welcome to the NHK is a slow viewing process (took me some time to finish it as well), but very rewarding and still a fun show to cross off the list. Arakawa should be a bit easier because of the comedy factor I think. Can’t really say much about Paradise Kiss though.

    • Arigatou~

      Paradise Kiss is rather short – 13 episodes I think. So that’s a bonus for me. Besides, I’m a huge fan of NANA (both series by Yazawa Ai) so that’s another plus point for me I guess. As for Arakawa, your review gave me the final push to really select this from to-watch list. =)

  5. I also try to clean my “want to watch list” but most of the time I pick up another anime I haven’t heard about 😀

    Welcome to the NHK gave me such a great experience, have fun by finishing it.
    Arakawa Under the Bridge was also quite funny, maybe not as good as S2, but see it for yourself ^^

    • Lol, I totally understand that >.<

      Looks like a lot of you have seen those two series eh? That should give me even more motivation to complete them.

  6. Welcome to the NHK and Arakawa Under the Bridege eh, it’s two anime I had been dying to watch too but due to time… meh.. you know what I’m going to say 😀

    That’s why I’m so lazy to make checklists now, and I completely stopped making anime watchlist this Summer too, even if I “make” lists, I’m sure I won’t be able to follow through completely D;

    • Thanks. Yeaps, I will. One of your articles mentioning the series managed to pique my interest. Can’t remember which post, but certainly yours.

  7. Its hard to re-watch older series as newer ones come about, my plan to watch list keep on increasing due to also RL matters making it harder.

    The list you have is actually a must watch, Welcome to the NHK being the absolute first to watch!

    • What you say is true so I’m kind of juggling everything at the moment. Not sure if I’m really able to complete these goals this year now that I have more projects to do! Just knew about the new projects after making these goals. Sigh.

      I’m watching that right now but at a very slow speed. >.<

  8. It’s funny; it took me awhile to watch Welcome to the NHK! as well. I think it’s because it’s dark comedy is something that can’t be consumed in large chunks, at least in my opinion. And I hope you enjoy Paradise Kiss – it’s a great series. I understand the difficulties of being unable to get through your backlog – mine isn’t particularly large but there are a few series I have that for some reason I’m dreading trying to get through. The main one that comes to mind is Saiyuki – I think both the fact that I started the series a long time ago and I’ve forgotten what happened so I’ll have to rewatch the beginning, as well as the sheer length of the series, are factors that are intimidating me from finishing it. By the way, are you planning on watching these series little-by-little or marathoning them? With series I love I generally marathon them, but if I’m trying to get through my backalag I usually watch a few episodes at a time – if I pressure myself to marathon a series I’ve been having trouble getting around to I’d probably never get through it!

    • I agree with you on Welcome to the NHK. The tone of the series is a little dark and heavy to be consumed in a short period of time. I managed to finish this after a few months. I’ll be watching ParaKiss next. I hope I enjoy it too since I heard so much good words for it.

      I understand that. Sometimes I myself am put off by the length of the series. It’s scary to think that I’ll have to spend a lot of time to catch up with a series, which is probably why I tend to stay close to the long series I’m following. Because I drop far behind, I don’t know if I have the energy to pick it up again.

      It depends though. If the series is like Welcome to the NHK, I break them into chunks. I don’t have the energy to watch them marathon style. If the series is light or the story is extremely intense, I’ll watch them marathon style. I remember finishing NANA in just a few days. The story is what keeps me going – it’s hard to put down once I started. So the answer to your question, I guess I’ll only know after I watch an episode or two. =)

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