Quick Anime Updates


Alright, things happened and before you know it, several months have passed. I was busy traveling for work for the last one month and a few months before I was busy with work projects. When you’re swarmed with work and used up most of your brain capacity during the day, the last you need is to use more of your brain to come up with an article or two. All you want to do is sit back, relax and enjoy anime.

At least, that’s what I’d do.

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What’s On My List This Fall!

Omg. Omg. OMG! There are just soooooooo many good titles this coming fall. It’s really, REALLY hard to decide which should stay on my watch list while which I should watch later after collecting more episodes. I’m interested in six titles so far and I know I can’t keep up with all of them every week so I need to do some serious prioritizing. Bear in mind, besides the new titles, I still have Mawaru Penguindrum that I will follow closely during the fall season. Plus my usual shōnen titles….ugh! Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Before I proceed and in case you haven’t seen the list, do check it out here at neregate.com. I’m telling you, loads of goodies coming this fall.

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Hoshiko’s Choice of 2010 Anime Songs

2010 has certainly been a big year for me and my indulgence in anything that is anime. That itself has pros and cons. I won’t be going into details on those but instead this post will focus on the delightful anime songs we have for this year.

I’ve only started listening to anime songs or Japanese songs the beginning of 2010. The change came when I heard the songs in the shōjo anime NANA. I believe I’ve mentioned that I wanted a NANA soundtrack very badly no? I still haven’t got it yet. Fancy giving it to me as a Christmas present? Suffice it to say, NANA soundtrack is loaded with wonderful songs. Can’t even pick a favorite. I quickly became a fan of Olivia Lufkin. I find her interpretation and delivery of her songs very (can’t find any positive, good word to describe).

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Hoshiko’s Best Anime 2010

Oh my, 2010 is really coming to an end – I didn’t even notice until this morning. I mean, I know it’s December and I know it’s almost Christmas, but the realization of 2010 drawing to end only hit me. Yes, I’m slow. Ugh!

Alrighty. I don’t think I watch enough this year’s releases to round up a Top 10 Best Anime of 2010 or something like that. So, I’m not going to force myself to make that list. I decided, however, to just list down anime I watch and that I like. That’s fair no?

I’m gonna start with the one I like best.

Warnings – there may be spoilers ahead. I don’t think I have the talent to ramble about an anime without providing references to it.

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