Young Black Jack: Ethical Conflicts

Young Black Jack's Hazama

Hazama’s willpower is what make this show interesting to watch, I think. Heavily injured in a bomb blast when he was just eight, Hazama fought hard to regain his mobility. He was desperate to be normal again and able to move. Few years later as a medical student, he fought hard again. This time is to save lives despite being repeatedly told of his unlicensed status.

His willpower, however, is what brought up the ethical issues surrounding his medical practices.

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Wakako-zake: Learning Simple Dining


Few months back when it was still airing, I’ve tweeted this show a few times only because I really, really enjoy it. Of all the culinary anime I’ve seen thus far, this is by far the best. Why? I believe no-nonsense is best way to describe it.

Wakako-zake follows the many solitary, after-work dining of 26 years old Murasaki Wakako whereby she enjoys and discovers a variety of foods and drinks.

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Quick Anime Updates


Alright, things happened and before you know it, several months have passed. I was busy traveling for work for the last one month and a few months before I was busy with work projects. When you’re swarmed with work and used up most of your brain capacity during the day, the last you need is to use more of your brain to come up with an article or two. All you want to do is sit back, relax and enjoy anime.

At least, that’s what I’d do.

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Hoshiko’s Short Visit To Japan

One Piece

So…about four years ago I wrote a post about the things I’d like to do in Japan if I ever get there. About four years later, I did some of the things in that list while I was there earlier this year. It was a rather short trip so of course I didn’t manage to do all of the things I’d wanted to considering some things are seasonal. Besides, I was only there for a short three days.

Out of the six items listed, the two things I didn’t do are to attend WonFes and Celebrate New Year’s Eve. Maybe next trip several years in the future I’ll complete these two things. Now, that meant I completed four items that were on my list, which is kind of cool right?

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Hibike Euphorium: Unlikeable Characters No?


Maybe I’m used to likeable characters from days of K-ON! or any other club-centric anime, which explains why watching Hibike! Euphorium can be a little hard. From the first episode until now, I couldn’t find myself invest in any of the characters. My definition of invest as in like, support, cheer, etc. For example, I thought it was fun to watch Hirasawa Yui explore music and learning to have fun playing guitar. Or how I would cheer for Kuroko and his team in all of their basketball games.

In Hibike! Euphorium, I don’t find such characters. I don’t find this feeling. Watching the series at this point is only to find out how far the club will go and grow out from their very messed up state. As the matter of fact, I hated Kumiko at the start of the series.

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When Watching With Expectations

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Was it high expectation? Or did I miss something? Because I didn’t enjoy watching Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso as much as I thought I would be. When I stopped at episode four when the series just started airing, I thought the series would better watched consecutively rather than weekly. It has that sort of story development that will put me at the edge of my seat.

At least, that’s what I thought.

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