7 Things I Want To Do After Watching Anime


Don’t worry. It’s not things like throwing a fit after a depressing ending of a series or screaming at my monitor if some idiotic characters did something stupid. The things I’m referring to are some of the things I only got to know after watching anime or some stuff that I think are pretty cool and exciting.

Now lets get going to the list.

1. Attend A Summer Festival

I live in a country with perpetual summer so nope, we don’t celebrate summer and therefore don’t have a summer festival. We do have a food festivals here but they offer a different vibe. For one, we won’t be wearing yukata, munching on shaved ice desserts and watching fireworks displays. So yes, I want to be at a Japan summer festival to munch on shaved ice desserts and watching fireworks display. Not so much on wearing yukata. I’d like to scoop a goldfish though.


2. Living In A Peaceful Countryside Town

You may tempted to say “for illustration purpose” only like those food menu photos in case the real thing is different but hey, I’m okay with that. Because the way anime puts it, the life at the countryside seems pretty damn enjoyable. While writing those sentences, I can hear cicada chirping on a hot summer day. Anime like Barakamon and Dagashi Kashi managed to make living in a secluded part of a country fun. The life is much simpler, neighbors are more likely to be friendlier and air definitely fresher. Even if it’s not countryside, living in a peaceful place like the one in Flying Witch would be cool too.

3. Buy A Fluffy White Christmas Cake

I’m not one that often pops into bakery store or drop by dessert cafes especially for the cakes. This is not to say I don’t like sweet food. I’m just too lazy make an effort to hunt down the perfect dessert. But after watching Christmas themed episodes after episodes, that fluffy white Christmas cake that the characters always have on Christmas Day looks pretty tempting. I want to have a slice of it, with a strawberry on top please.


4. Eat Those Popular Snacks

Of course I’m not talking about internationally known sushi or ramen. Although when I started watching Naruto moons ago, I wanted to eat ramen since I never had it before. But no, I’m not referring them. I’m talking about snacks like yakisoba pan, melon pan, korokke that are often featured in high school themed anime. And yes, I watched a lot of high school themed anime. I even went ahead I ordered umaibo a few months ago after watching the first episode of Dagashi Kashi.

5. Study In A Japanese High School

This will never happen unless I popped in a pill that Kaizaki had in ReLIFE. Similar to Japan, students wait for teachers to come into their classrooms for lessons in Malaysia. The difference is we don’t have activities like cultural festival and school trip. At least all the schools I attended don’t have those. Personally, I find those activities really educational and rewarding especially when students are forced to work together in some events. They cultivate relationships and help students actively making memories too.

kuroko no basuke

6. Take Up Team Sports

Perhaps this is the most productive out of the bunch. After watching series like Baby Steps and Haikyuu!!, I feel like I want work hard in sports of some kind and make it my sports. I participated in sports events before like table tennis and half marathon, but they’re all solo events and also I wasn’t very dedicated and will immediately revert back to a couch potato once the events are over. Sports anime normally made me just wish to be part of team sports, but Baby Steps is different only because Maruo was overly dedicated to his tennis and I find that somewhat inspiring.

7. Play Musical Instruments

Watching Nodame Cantabile made me wanna suck less in piano. I never earned my diploma in piano and hasn’t play since I first saw Nodame Cantabile some five years ago.I actually played piano for a while after watching the series but stopped later on. But when I think of the series, there this strange urge for wanting to be good in classical music. Weird no? Also, watching K-ON sort of sparked an interest in electric guitar. As the matter fact, I attempted to play a few times too.

I think that’s it. Do you have something you want to do after watching anime?

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