Tamayura: A Full Circle


I couldn’t be more happier to finally see the end to one of my most favorite titles of all time. Yes, that’s right. Last week, I finally saw the final installment of Tamayura movies: Tamayura: Sotsugyou Shashin Part 4 – Ashita.

It’s really bittersweet to see this series ends. As I look back on all Tamayura episodes I watched since it first burst into anime scene with a four episode OVA back in 2010, I couldn’t help but to feel I grew with the characters as well. In literal and non literal sense.

Tamayura is perhaps the first healing anime that got me hooked. It showcases the lives of Sawatari Fuu and her three friends going about with their days in a quiet town called Takehara. It certainly helps that the scenery of the town was beautifully captured in the series, constantly making me feel like I want to be there. In fact, I should put Takehara on my places to visit in Japan list.


In the series, we see Fuu, Kaoru, Norie and Maon navigate the challenges of what normal high school students can bring. Often they’re seen dealing with uncertainties when it comes to making critical decisions especially in regards with their future. It takes courage to make unfamiliar choices and it’s absolutely inspiring to watch them brave it all.

Tamayura wouldn’t be as wonderful a series if it wasn’t for the friendships of the four characters. It goes to show the importance of friendships in human lives. They are each other support systems, always readily giving each other the helping hand or the shoulder to cry on. They certainly made many wonderful memories together, whether it’s something as grand as holding an exhibition or as simple as having a sleepover party.

As a fan or simply an audience, it’s a wonderful feeling to see the girls transition from their days as freshmen to finally graduating high school and entering college. Despite being just characters, there’s this weird sense of attachment on my part. Perhaps they’re relatable and they have always been since day one.


I feel lucky actually that Tamayura is given the opportunity to present the girls’ journey in a full circle, thus giving the series a much deserved proper ending. In my opinion, the ending is appropriate as it signifies Fuu’s beginning and end as a high school student and her journey to mourn the loss of her father in Takehara.

Tamayura will always be remembered fondly by me and it’s definitely a great anime to binge watch on a rainy day, wrapped in blankets (Yeaps, that anime gives me that sort of vibe). And if you haven’t already watch this amazingly fulfilling anime, I recommend you to start now.

Oh, and there’s one more thing: As a note to myself, I will one day visit Takehara to experience the breathtakingly beautiful bamboo light festival!

2 thoughts on “Tamayura: A Full Circle

  1. I have recently watched part 3 and honestly got second thoughts about finishing this anime, maybe I should keep my memory of Tamayura as endless fun or after part 3 already made it impossible haha I could also finish it, the beautiful anime caused me tears since season 2, not always because of sadness.

    Generally speaking full circle animes are rare and therefore desirable. there are emotional ends that leave the viewer with a “Oh too bad it’s over, but whatever, that was a great anime” or “I don’t want to see it end like this!” I’m an emotional anime viewer, when things are sad I cry my eyes out. In case of Aria, I was simply heartbroken, that wasn’t what I wanted to see after 3 seasons. But liking final endings or not depends on the authors, but also strongly on the viewers background, I can’t deal so good with “parting ways”

    • Awww…don’t be sad. Part 3 is really sad, especially the last few bits. For me though, I think the end of Tamayura’s good especially towards the very end. It’s a fitting ending to Fu’s character and her journey.

      And yes, you’re absolutely right. Full circle anime is extremely rare. Perhaps this is due to the fact a lot of anime are adaptation of on-going light novels and manga. Even if the original source ends, there’s no guarantee anime gets the same treatment. Having said that, this is more of a reason to complete this series. A rare chance to get a full picture of the whole journey!

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