What I Relate To In Tamayura Hitotose

There’s no doubt Tamayura Hitotose is one of the good series in my book. There’s this mellow OP song that I fell in love with the first time l heard it. Not to mention whole soundtrack were soothing as well. The gorgeous artwork is something that I feast my eyes on Tuesday’s or Wednesday’s night for the last twelve weeks. One cannot argue the scenic town of Takehara in Tamayura Hitotose is something to gush about. Sure, the pacing was a bit too slow but I had fun nonetheless. Let’s just say the anime came at the right time. It was something I look forward to after hard day at work trying to meet year end deadlines (yes, my work has been rather stressful lately).

As the title suggested, this post is more about me than Tamayura Hitotose. The short little paragraph above is my quick and short review of the slice-of-life anime. I’ve said all I needed to say about the series. =)

Now, one of the things I can relate to the most in Tamayura Hitotose is the indecisions in what I want to do. Maon often jumps back and forth between her many hobbies and ambitions, Fu isn’t sure if she wants to a photographer even though she’s already a good one and Kaoru isn’t sure if she’s going to do something related to her passion when she grows up.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I was submitting my college applications back in high school. But I was very sure what I don’t want to be. I dreamed many dreams. I wanted to become a lawyer, a marine biologist, a chemist among others. The ideas were thrown back and forth and it was so hard for me to make my decision. It was almost like Maon who has her own list of ever changing ambitions. In the end though, I chose to study computer science because technology fascinates me the most. I’m glad I made the right choice because right now, I’m enjoying my job very much even though it can be really stressful sometimes. Like now.

Today, I still am very indecisive on many things. When I started this blog, I had no idea what I wanted it to be. All I wanted to do was to write and share my thoughts on various things. It took me almost one year before I finally decided to make the transition from an “all-in-one” blog to an anime blog although it was very obvious I’ve been writing more posts on anime/manga than anything else. Sometimes I think a little too much.

Like Kaoru, I’d get worried but not tell my friends and family until I resolve the issue on my own. In my opinion, decision is best made on our own. It will come eventually. But that often worries people around me. Again like Kaoru, I have understanding and lovely people around me. >.<

So yeah, that’s something I relate to in Tamayura Hitotose. Did you see a part of yourself in any of the anime you watch?


26 thoughts on “What I Relate To In Tamayura Hitotose

  1. Just like you and the girls I have absolutely NO idea about what I want to do, which turned out badly in my case as I dropped out of college, but I finally maybe found out and in the end it’s a career that will allow me to dabble in a lot of fields, which is a very good thing.
    Like Kaoru I never tell anyone about my worries.
    I also relate to Potte’s passion for photography and to her family situation.

    • It’s really hard to decide when there are a lot of choices out there and when we either had too many things we like or none at all. I’m glad you may have found just the right thing for you =)

      Hey, you should post some photos you’ve taken on your blog! I want to see. Potte’s passion for photography is something I really adore. She’s really into it. I wish I have her focus.

      • Oh sadly I’ll only know if it’s the right thing to do once I’ll start working but even so, as I’ll get a lot of skills I should be able to change jobs if I end up hating what I do. And tourism is a very big and very general field.
        Strangely enough, like the other commenter I have considered joining the military too but I’ll never pass the physical tests so it’s out.

        Well, the problem is they don’t have much to do with anime but I upload them on http://www.cinglee.deviantart.com if you really want to see

        • What’s the most important thing at the end is to be doing something you know you will enjoy for a long time. I’m a strong believer in only doing things that I find interesting.

          Yeah, it’s mostly scenery. You take beautiful photos, you know. Oh and you drew some anime characters too! I like your Uruhara Kisuke’s drawing.

  2. Same. Still in limbo about what I am going to do with my life after graduating or even if I plan to finish school at this point (might decide with going into the military soon). Not really a lot of other people I can freely discuss my plans with or seek guidance from, other than parents and older brother who has been through most of things I am going through. Think I am more like Maon in her younger days swapping goals, but sort of know what I want to do. Just do not want to be stuck in it and eventually hating it..

    • I do have the fear of eventually hating something I really like right now. It’s quite possible because when things get rough, it’s so easy to hate.

      I hope you’ll find your answer about what to do after school/plan to finish school sometime soon. Good luck =) Do take your time and consider.

  3. I have face a similar problem before. It happened before I picked the University that I was about to join. Luckily there was like 6 months for me to think about it before I joined one. (waiting for the exam results) My life long ambition was to become an engineer/physicist. It is the thing that interest me the most. But when I think about it, how long will I be stuck with it. Surely for like more then 30 years maybe. So I think I won’t like it. It will surely become stressful and I might not like it in the end because I know this thing is definitely hard.

    So I tried looking at some other things that interest me. The thing that I find enjoyable other than calculating stuff is web developing and designing. This stuff is not as hard as engineering and i find it, fun and i certainly have a passion for it. So I joined the Creative Multimedia Faculty and now I’m majoring in Media Innovation/Advertising Design.

    So far it has been really good. I don’t have to calculate a lot of stuff and I’m less stressful. The things I learn is more enjoyable and I think i’ve made the right decision. Joining the faculty also made me like photography in depth. There is still lot of stuff to learn in this faculty and I think I’ll enjoy it. Career opportunity is also wide in this field 🙂

    I think I was a bit like Potte, Norie and Kaoru, combined. Not like Maon at all. Sometimes i’m like Kaoru who thinks really hard before I made a decision and I find what I like always fun and enjoyable. I do have some doubts like Potte whether I should resume the things I like, and sometimes, I feel like being like Norie who loves what I do the most.

    • It’s always great to learn that someone had found their passion and doing things they enjoy doing. You designed your own blog, didn’t you? I’m still getting to know css and all the web design thingy. I mostly deal with codes not design, but the latter is something I want to learn in the near future.

      Thanks for sharing =)

      • Well the blog theme was designer by someone else. But I modified it a lot to look like my own. But yeah I do design blogs. I’ve designed quite a number of theme myself.

        Should really learn both. It helps 🙂

          • I’d suggest looking up for some books regarding it.
            You should also learn the basic principle and element of design and also Gestalt Principle regarding web design. If you can’t learn them all just go for Gestalt Principle. It is an essential when it comes to web design.

            • Gestalt Principle eh? This is the first time I heard of it! Thanks for sharing. I will look it up.

              Definitely, I’m playing to buy a book or two about web design. Just to get some idea and stuff. That should be fun.

  4. Tamayura was a bit too slow for me to really enjoy.

    I can’t say there has been any anime that I can relate to personally. While I did start watching Morita-san wa Mukuchi because the main character was exactly like a female version of myself, it ended up to be nothing like I expected.

  5. Thanks for this good read. I guess this holiday I need to catch up with Tamayura.

    But as for your question, if I have to pick an anime off the top of my head that I can relate, I’d say Chihaya from Chihayafuru. When I was a kid, I also struggled looking for my own dream and I also had those moments wherein I was living under the shadows of my older cousins and brother. Until one day, my Math teacher recognized that I’m good at it, and he inspired me. From there, I was invited to join competitions until it became a passion and eventually I took it as my specialization in university–I really loved it.

  6. Deciding about the paths you want to take in life is quite difficult most of the time.
    As I was younger I had many funny ideas, sometimes I feel like I should have aimed for something more interesting and exciting at a few points.

    I think I could relate a bit to every of the girls in this heartwarming anime Tamayura.
    Im very interested in photography like Potte, not very communicative like Maon and often a little weird like Norie 😀

    I liked the “what do you want to do in your life” theme in the second half of Tamayura, even though they handled this in a nearly too kind way. But the heartwarming and cozy kindness is one of the main appealing aspects of this anime for me.

    • You take pretty pictures =). Haha…Norie is not that weird.

      Yes, you’re right. The overall theme of Tamayura is to be relaxing and serene and stuff, so I don’t think they’ll delve into something complicated in their life searching course. And maybe that’s why I like it so much.

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