On Re-watching Anime


In the spirit of revisiting old anime starting by re-watching Bleach, I continue on to attempt watching other old anime still in my possession. Let me repeat, attempt to watch.

Why attempt? Because for some series, I gave up after only watching few episodes. For other series, I continue to enjoy watching or even have a newfound understanding of what I’m watching.

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Hoshiko’s Criteria For Anime On-The-Go


“On-the-go” because it’s the list of anime I’ll bring around whenever I’m on the move. I’m pretty sure viewing experience is extremely important for all of us as anime viewers. Some of us love big screens, awesome sound system to enhance the experience while some chooses to be simpler, okay with any size of screens and time of the day.

I used to be very particular about how and when I watch an anime. The weather can’t be too hot, the monitor has to have the perfect brightness, etc. It’s a bunch of stuff I made up to enhance my viewing experience. And to a certain extent, I still held on to those beliefs. However, ever since I’m constantly on the move due to my work, which by the way, explains my absence from blogging, I’m a little more flexible these days.

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Setting That Perfect Atmosphere

It’s pouring really hard out there right now, which is a welcoming change to the hot, humid weather my city had for the last few days. On top of that, I’ve been sick the whole week, lost my voice, struggled for air and felt like there’s a 20kg stone constantly on my head. Let’s just say it hadn’t been a blissful week for me.

But it is raining now. The temperature is just right. I’m sitting by the window, enjoying the breeze and fresh air….and with my laptop on, re-watching Skip Beat!. The perfect setting and atmosphere for me to enjoy my anime. I don’t know about you, but me – I’m very particular about having everything in perfect order in order for me to truly enjoy my anime. And it’s not just having cool weather.

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Nodame Cantabile Opera Hen: Chiaki Is Ambitious!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post about manga. Today, I’m going to talk a little about Nodame Cantabile Opera Hen. For me, reading this is a must because I really want to know what happens to Chiaki and Nodame after Nodame made her debut as a pianist. Besides, I’m a huge fan of Nodame Cantabile series! I think that alone is a good enough reason for me to pick this up and read.

As the name of the manga suggested, this time around Chiaki wants to advance his career a step further by conducting an opera performance!  Now, now, I know nothing about opera. The only thing I know about opera is that it is a theatrical performance involving high pitch singers and orchestral music. Because of that, I can’t fully appreciate the effort in trying to deliver what’s like to understand and emerge oneself in the world of singing and acting. Mine-kun seems to be doing a great job in expressing the emotions of the play though and in his (flashy) way as usual.

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5 Anime I’ll Re-watch Over And Over Again

I’m sure any anime fans will have at least one anime that they will watch over and over again and never get tired of it. I have a few, and I’m here to share with you my list. Bear in mind that I’m pretty new in the anime scene so there are still a lot of major titles that I’ve yet to see. Even so, within the titles I’ve seen to date there are a few favorites that I can watch whole day and whole night and then another whole day and whole night and another and another….I think you get my point now.

So let’s get down to business.

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Most Influential Anime in My Life

I’m sure most of you, my readers, have already seen a long list of anime during the course of your anime fandom. It doesn’t really matter how long you’ve been watching anime, I bet there’s at least one anime that had influenced your life at least a little. It could’ve influenced your decision making criteria/process, your outlook in life, your approach to certain things and so on and so forth.

Bear in mind, I’m not talking about the emotional attachment you have with the anime. I know some of the anime titles create a form of lingering attachment among viewers. Those usually don’t last long. I’m talking about anime – it could be more than one – that caused a change in you. In a good way.

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Manga & Me in 2010

I was introduced to anime first. I have always thought that moving pictures are way much better than still pictures. I even think that I get more with anime than I do with manga. With that reason alone, I avoided manga until this year. My reasoning has a flaw. It’s probably true that I get more with anime if it is a shōnen manga. More action, that is. Know what I mean? This is not likely the case with manga of other genre. For instance, Hatsukoi Limited and Nodama Cantabile offered more in manga than in anime. I learn firsthand what the characters were thinking. That’ll make a lot of sense when I see some of their behaviors and reactions. But their thoughts are seldom conveyed in anime.

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