Dagashi Kashi Made Me Want Umaibo

Dagashi Kashi Umaibo

For as long as I can remember, watching anime influences my spending one way or another. It can be an anime figure or related merchandises such as DVDs. You have no idea how much money I spent on this hobby, directly or indirectly. I lost count.

Watching Dagashi Kashi though prompted me not to buy any related merchandise or figure but a bunch of Japanese cheap snacks. The first episode really made me crave for Umaibo partly because I have childhood memory of eating something similar. I don’t know the name of the version we have in Malaysia but I remember it costs at most 20 cents. That was when I was about six or seven. I have no idea how much it costs or if it still exists today. Trust me, I tried to find.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the snacks anywhere and our local Japanese snack-centric stores only sell stuff like KitKats, Pockys (Lucky Star made me crave for this at one point) and a bunch of other snacks I never heard of so I resorted to eBay. Ha! I bet you didn’t know eBay sells stuff like this (maybe you do, but I didn’t. And it sounds nicer if I say it like that). While searching for the perfect snack package offer, I stumbled upon it. You see, most websites I saw are subscription based and I don’t want that. I have no desire to snack on these stuff every month! Just a few would be enough to satisfy my craving.

Enough of me babbling. Now, let me show off my dagashi!!


The first ones I tried are of course Umaibo. My flavors are teriyaki, cheese, chicken curry, shrimp mayonnaise and pizza. I love cheese flavor the best. From what I gather, pizza is the more popular flavor, but it has a sour taste that I’m not fond of. Shrimp mayonnaise has the weirdest taste of all that I can’t even describe. It’s just weird. Chicken curry tastes more like curry powder than curry paste while teriyaki tastes like teriyaki!

Besides Umaibo, I also wanted to try Potato Fry, which was also featured in the first episode and I’ve got two flavors in the box. I like Calvi grilled flavor more than chicken and the prior has more french fries taste than the latter.

Potato Fry

Among other stuff in the box are items like KitKat and Daifuku. However, they are too common in my hometown to deem special. We used to only have original KitKat flavor. These days though, we have flavors like cheesecake, strawberry, matcha, etc. Besides, I bought a whole bunch of other flavors when I was in Japan last year.

This is something I’ll only do once in a blue moon and won’t be splurging on these anytime soon. If I’m having my next dagashi, I hope it’s on my next trip to Japan. Whenever that is.

Dagashi Kashi started off as one of my favorites. However, the series gets progressively boring as the weeks go by. I’m still watching though because there are many more snacks to be discovered!

Anyway, any anime that made you crave for something before?

4 thoughts on “Dagashi Kashi Made Me Want Umaibo

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  2. *yum* the joys of artificial food flavors ;D I guess japanese snacks and sweets are superior and more tasty, at least it feels more creative. Before the anime I’ve never heard of Umaibo, Shrimp mayonnaise sounds slightly ewwww ahaha.

    I once ordered 3 packages of Fran, a more elaborate version of Pocky from ebay http://www.blippo.com/fran-biscuit-stick-white-chocolate.html that was delicious, I needed a lot of willpower to not eat everything at once XD

    • Yes, yes! The joy!

      Haha, I also need the willpower to not eat everything at once! I still have some left in the box but mostly sweets. I prefer salty snacks!

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