Thoughts on Kuroi Jukai

Kuroi Jukai Drama

When her sister died in a car accident so suddenly, Kasahara Sachiko was left trying to pick up the pieces and uncover secrets her sister had been hiding from her. This plot makes it very enticing, which is why I picked up this title to watch. I admit that familiar faces of Kitagawa Keiko and Mukai Osamu also gave me the nudge to actually watch this drama special.

The drama was largely captivating in the sense that it keeps throwing bits and pieces of mystery and murders along the way before the final unveiling of the truth. In that respect, I’d say I enjoyed Kuroi Jukai. However, the way the story goes, I can’t help but wondered why some of the things happened the way they did.

If you don’t like spoilers, I suggest you to stop reading right now. If you’re okay with it or has no intention of watching the drama special, I’ll be glad to invite you to keep reading.

First of all, I don’t understand the role of Yoshii Ryoichi (Mukai) in the drama special. He keeps pushing Sachiko (Kitagawa) to investigate the truth behind her sister Nobuko’s questionable actions that led to her death, but he has no reasons to be persistent about the investigation. He’s only just Nobuko’s colleague and from the looks of it, not even a close one. So why is he so interested in pursuing the reason behind Nobuko’s death? Her death is clearly accidental and it’s not even foul play. So why? It never really did answer well on this one.

As Sachiko started to poke her nose around her sister’s death, three more murders happened. Nobuko’s death is accidental. Anyone can try to paint it as murder but it’s not going to happen. And when I finally learn the truth that eventually led to her death, those other murders seem unwarranted. It could’ve been avoided but the murderer, whose identity I shall not reveal, just couldn’t get it over his head that losing societal status is a safer bet than committing multiple murders. Also, how he managed to contact the second victim, Saito Tsuneko, is also puzzling.

I was appalled to know why the murders took place. To think that someone would go through such a length just to cover up an affair, I’m at lost for words. The person who’s most affected by the events of things don’t even care in the first place! To know this truth left a really bitter taste after watching the drama special. The greed and ambition to be someone important in a small sector of a society would drive someone to such edge.

I think that the way this drama drops its pieces of puzzles is good. But the story that support the drama just doesn’t cut it. Not for me anyway.

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