Hoshiko’s Best Anime 2013


Given that I didn’t watch anything from Fall 2013, I’m a bit hesitant to write this post because I feel that it’s a little unfair. It wasn’t because I didn’t like anything from Fall 2013, but I didn’t watch any of them so I can’t rate them now can I? But then again, I remember my annual best anime post is always about the anime I watched. I don’t watch a whole lot of anime to begin with >.<.

Here it comes, my best anime 2013 list! The list only includes series that ends in 2013, regardless of when it started airing so that means anime that aired in Fall 2012 is considered.

*drum rolls*


Gin no Saji

I placed this first because I genuinely enjoyed watching the series. It’s one of those series I most look forward to after a long work week. Perhaps the unusual (I think?) setting of a farming school has something to do with it. Or perhaps it’s a bit of a lot of things – a club anime, a high school anime, a (fill in your choice of word) anime. There’s a sense of familiarity and at the same time it feels different.

It’s different because it doesn’t dwell too much of friendships, boy-girl relationships and club activities. It has these, but aren’t heavy. Instead, it solely focused on Hachiken’s desire to find himself or at least, to discover what he wants to do with his life. Honestly, it was fun to watch him grow. His character development was pretty solid, in my opinion. He’s like a totally different person by the end of the season.

attack on titan

Shingeki no Kyojin

Need I say more? I reckon it’s one of the most popular series in 2013. Saw loads of cosplays too. I mentioned this before – what caught my attention with this series is the first OP song. So really, sometimes choosing the right song for an anime can make wonders. In this case, it depicts the right amount of energy that the whole series is about – urgency, vengeance, despair, etc.

What I like most about Shingeki no Kyojin is the action! I love how they jump around with their 3D Maneuver Gear. The people don’t really fight each other and it’s unlike other action-oriented series with superpowers (I’m not counting Jaegar’s ability as superpower. It’s not.), which is kind of nice.

The other thing is, I like how well the series captures emotions, especially despair. It’s heartbreaking to watch as the family learns the fate of their loved ones. The other well-captured emotions is anger. I’m sure other anime captures these emotions well too but for audience to truly feel what the characters feel, I think Shingeki no Kyojin did a fine job.

Of course, having characters like Mikasa is a plus too. Is she the next Senjougahara?



I’m so psyched when I learned that Bakuman 3 is going to be the last season of the series. This means I get to finally see Ashirogi get their deserved ending. Okay, I know how it’s going to end because of well, Google. But, since I never read the manga before (purposely avoid it to maximize my watching enjoyment), I still don’t know how things unfold. I knew the ending but I didn’t know the journey. And I tell you, the journey is the part worth watching.

Ashirogi (Azuki, Mashiro & Takagi) have worked so hard for so long. These guys faced failures, heartaches, disappointments, self-doubt for years before finally achieving their dreams. Watching Bakuman reminded me that nothing comes for free, nothing is an easy ride. You can say it’s just a show, but hey, I think all of us know it speaks real close to home.

Besides watching the trio fighting for their happy ending, Niizuma Eiji was also very entertaining to watch. Still couldn’t believe this guy is once a guy I disliked so much.

Tamayura More Aggressive

Tamayura: More Aggressive

I have a soft spot for Tamayura so you can call me bias. Seriously though, I realize there aren’t a lot of people watching this series and to certain extent, I can understand why. But for me, Tamayura has the sort of “magic” that settles me. It’s the to-go series to unwind after working hard for the day. There are already many Tamayura titles out there and each of them captures the serenity I crave for. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to be able to enjoy an anime with beautiful scenery right?

Tamayura: More Aggressive happens to be very touching this time as well, especially when we follow Fu around trying to learn more about her late father. I’d imagined it must been hard for her to not have her dad around so soon when she still has bits and pieces of memories of him.


Dare I? I dare. GJ-bu will make this list because I truly love watching this series.

I haven’t make my rounds of visits to the blogs I frequented so I have no idea if anyone put this on their list. But to me, GJ-bu is super fun. It’s already a good sign when I find myself always laughing on how the club members enjoy the company of each other. Unlike club-centric anime such as K-ON, we really mostly just see the members in their club room. GJ-bu is one of those slice-of-life series done right, I think.

So with GJ-bu, that rounds up my top 5 choice of 2013. What’s yours? Now I’m already starting my Winter 2014 sampling. Here’s to 2014 to be a year of good anime shows! =)


5 thoughts on “Hoshiko’s Best Anime 2013

  1. Shingeki no Kyojin was really great also very grim and hard, but I actually like such apocalyptic scenarios were mankind is driven in a corner. The first half was slightly better, but judging from the manga the second season will be even more action packed.

    Tamayura: More Aggressive was pretty hard on me, I felt so much pain and regret that Potte’s father wasn’t around anymore, I cried in most episode, the ending theme hit me pretty hard.
    Aside from my emotional breakdown it was really enchantig to follow the cast.

    Somewhere in September 2013 I finally started to marathon all three Seasons of bakuman, what a great anime. I had doubts at first, but good anime comes in different shapes and while I prefer stories with a non realistic setting, this is one of the best concluded animes I’ve seen so far, maybe it can be even considered a masterpiece. I have more impressions on it written in my review

    You haven’t missed much in Fall, aside from Little Busters Refrain, Kyoukai no Kanata and Non Non Biyor. If you like some coming of age melodram with comedy and a unstable lead girl, Golden Time would be yours. But forget all that. please watch Yowamushi Pedal XD it’s a fantastic sport anime, it’s full of adrenaline, awesome!

    • More action packed in second season? I love that. Honestly, at first I was a bit put off by the giants. They look ugly. But when other parts of the anime are good, stuff like this can be ignored. >.<.

      Yeaps, I agree. Tamayura is one of those tear-jerking anime. So far, I've yet to shed a tear but almost. Almost, man. Haha. Following Potte's journey is photography is one of the highlights of the anime definitely.

      I actually like Golden Time. I watched two episodes and had intention to continue before my life went crazy over the last two months. At this point though, I don't know if I'll go back and continue it. Wow, you're pump up about Yowamushi Pedal! Now that got me interested. Will check it out! =)

      • lol Im a crybaby, but I really tried not to. Tamayura was always a bit touching, but this season hit me.

        Yowamushi Pedal! is still awesome, I don’t like bycicles very much, I also doubted that I would like it after the first minutes, but in the first episode, I’d really feel that it’s a great anime to watch. The songs are also really fitting.

        • Yeaps, I read about Yowamushi Pedal and generally it seems to be getting positive reviews. I might just slot it into my Chinese New Year holidays, but it still depends what happens then.

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