Anne Happy: Handling Misfortunes

Anne Happy Hanako

Anne Happy is an anime that follows a class of unfortunate students in Tennogofune Academy. They’re deemed to have bad karma and attract misfortune. Among a class filled with such students, Hibari, Hanako and Botan seem to have the worst fortune of all.

While Hibari and Botan are aware of their unfortunate situations, Hanako insists she’s lucky and sees good in everything. Depending on how one handles misfortune, something bad can be viewed as something positive. And that’s how Hanako handles her misfortunes.

The longer we dwell on our misfortunes the greater is their power to harm us.

– Voltaire

Let’s talk about how Hibari and Botan handle their misfortunes first.

Besides her unusual crush, which she is very sensitive about, I don’t see anything out of the ordinary for Hibari. She’s cautious about her little secret and would often be embarrassed and reacted defensively if she thought she’s been exposed. Because of that, she’s always on the edge and would jump onto conclusions of how people view her.

Anne Happy Botan

As for Botan, she’s well aware of her frail state of health. She refers to herself less kindly than the rest of the unfortunate class members, always thinking she’s a useless person. Prone to accidents and lack of stamina, Botan is always complaining about her misfortune. As a result, she’s often gloomy and takes pity on herself.

These two characters dwell on their misfortunes a tad too much and it’s affecting their self-esteem. Their mutual friend Hanako, on the other hand, doesn’t see all the weird things that are happening to her as misfortunes but signs of good luck.

When she’s unable to get the drinks that she wanted from a vending machine, she didn’t curse her bad luck or blame the machine or the supplier (familiar?). She simply wished her prayers are answered. Also, when attempting to save a cat, Hanako ended up stuck in muddy field. She was prepared to spend the night in the muddy field before Hibari was there to save her. In this unfortunate situation, Hanako manage to smile through it all and still thinks she’s lucky.

Anne Happy

Hanako, unlike her two friends, simply moved on from one situation to another without dwelling too much in the moment. And because of that, she’s carefree and happy.

I think I’ll probably side with Hibari’s more calculative nature, thinking about the consequences before mindlessly taking actions. Whenever bad things happen, I always think about the worst case scenarios. It’s my natural reactions to seemingly grim situations. However, Hanako is a classic example of how she’s turning her misfortunes into good fortunes.

It really isn’t about fortunes at all. It’s all about positive attitude!

2 thoughts on “Anne Happy: Handling Misfortunes

  1. Hibari is actually a very normal person, looking at an construction sign is no bad thing.
    I like Botan, she is a friendly girl ;D She has bad health, though her problems are animated in a totally exaggerated way. Hanako for sure is a very carefree person, so cute. In episode 1 it felt like she already know that the vending machine would give her the wrong things. At first I had the impression that she just was an airhead, but it wasn’t her fault at all.

    Sometimes I feel like misfortune is choosing me, too ;D
    But it’s actually not so often and most of the time I feel fortunate.
    Suffering from misfortune after another probably makes people question their karma or cursing their bad luck, it’s often just a coincidence when unfortunately things happen, not because someone is an unfortunate person.

    • Yes, Hanako is very cute especially when she’s always so happy and positive. Her character is very likeable.

      I agree that Hibari is actually normal but she was considered as unfortunate because she has a crush on a construction sign. I’m not sure if it’s a bad thing or a normal thing but her level of interest is a little different.

      Yes, occasionally I feel unfortunate too when bad things happened to me. But when I started counting the good things that happened, I’m very grateful for many things in my life.

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