Death Parade Episode 11: Meaning of Life

Memento Mori

Up until this point, Death Parade managed to paint the picture of life and death in different deliveries. It started by unveiling the life the dead lived through a series of games and later on, through reflection of the mysterious bartender assistant, Chiyuki.

I found that the revelation of the kind of life the dead had led interesting, which is why I kept on watching the series. Some of the dead regretted some of the choices they made while still living. And I suppose a lot of us would share the same thought if we had carelessly live the precious life we’re all enjoying right now.

Chiyuki’s life strikes me as the best example of how most of us tend to live. Her life was going on very well for her: Supportive parents, living her passion as an ice skater, not lacking friends, lovers and fans. Everything in her life was wonderful until the fateful accident that eventually caused her to take her own life. An abrupt end to what is assumed a fulfilling life.


There’s a tendency for humans to take for granted things we’re all having. There’s also a tendency for humans to forget that we’re going to die someday and the things we’re having right now won’t last. And when something that we hold dear are taken away from us, where does it leave us? Not everyone has to courage to build a new life after one we’re so used to is gone. However, it’s very important that we learn to embrace other possibilities in life when one route is cut short by unfortunate circumstances.

We determine how we walk this precious life we have right now. Whatever the outcome is at the end of the road is our own making. We don’t get to choose how and where we’re born and the situation we’re born into. But we have the choice to craft out the route we want so long we have the courage and mindset.

I think that’s quite the heavy message the 11th episode of the series is trying to deliver. And it’s great to spend some time ponder on things every now and then. Am I leaving the life I want? Am I having the right reasons of living? Will I have regrets?

Do you?


3 thoughts on “Death Parade Episode 11: Meaning of Life

  1. I haven’t watched that and have no idea what it is about;D hopefully my comment is a little related to your thoughts. I guess everyone has regrets about his life, even when it are just small things, like saying something bad, not done the right thing at the right time. I have hundreds of such regrets where I said something I felt sorry for later. A person can decide about a path, but it’s never a straight line and most important sometimes life isn’t fair no matter how much effort you put into it or who you are. Sometimes you just have stand up again, I feel sorry for people who give up and don’t have any hope to go on.

    I should have paid more attention to math lessons ahaha

    • Lol, you don’t like Maths?

      I think at the end of the day, regrets or no regrets, we must live each day as if it’s your last. Otherwise, we’ll take for granted things that matter. It’s easier said than done, of course. But at least, we must keep that in mind.

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