Ramblings on Tamayura

For her first year of high school, Fu Sawatari moves to Takehara, a scenic old town near Hiroshima, on the Inland Sea. Her father, who has passed away, grew up in Takehara. She loves taking photographs with her father’s old film camera, a Rollei 35S. The story follows her and the friends who gather around her as she comes to love her new home.

– AnimeNewsNetwork

Warnings – there may be spoilers ahead. I don’t think I have the talent to ramble about an anime without providing references to it.

A photo can contain a lot of mysteries, turning anything into something special the moment the picture is taken, or connecting the hearts of the person on the photo and the one taking it. This was what Sawatari Fu said. I couldn’t agree more. The OVA couldn’t come at a more appropriate time, really. When I first saw it, my interest in photography only just sparked and my skills are at its infancy.

I can never really be Sawatari Fu, and I’ll never strive to be her. After all, everyone has its uniqueness in taking their photos. I like it when this was conveyed through the anime. It sort of tells me, a newbie, to not mind the bad quality photos I’m currently taking. I will eventually improve (I hope). Just follow what I see and feel at the time I was taking the picture. Furthermore, photography isn’t about showing off one’s skills or one’s equipment for that matter, and that my friend, it’s really cool thing to know. Seriously, how many of us wants to get pissed off by some random people showing off they’ve got? What I’ve really observed through this anime is that photography is about sharing your moments with others. It could be photos of anything but with the motive of sharing. At least, that’s how I’m currently interpreting photography.

Although I don’t want to be her, I can’t help but be moved by her dedication to her love of photography. She’s all about photography. If I may, I’d say she eats photography, she plays photography and she sleeps photography. Whatever that means. I can’t remember when was the last time I was so dedicated to one single thing, and watching this reminded me of those years. I want to feel that burning passion again. It’s sometimes unbelievable what anime can ignite in me. Ha!

Generally, the OVA is slow-paced and moe-loaded but I like the content. Anime of this genre can either generate loads of fans or loads of haters. It’s not newsflash to say that anime fans are getting bored of moe/slice of life genre. Besides that, there are a lot of weird characters in Tamayura. A girl who has scent fetish. A girl who communicates via whistling. A moe-crazed girl. You name it. They’re not particularly irritating and as far as I’m concerned, their weirdness were kept at a minimal level. They don’t consume the entire OVA.

That said, you’ll either absolutely like it or hate Tamayura. Make your own choice.

P.S Momoneko-sama, the fluffy pink thing on the left, is sooooooo cute.

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