Musings on Yozora and Sena, Kobato and Maria

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai started with Yozora and Kodaka forming a club called The Neighbor’s Club with the intention of learning how to make friends. I think that was the reason although there were several times I thought I read Yozora said “to be popular”. I don’t know about you, but trying to make new friends and trying to be popular are two entirely different things.

Now, there were a lot of times Yozora mentioned that they’re not making any progress in their social lives, and kept emphasizing they haven’t make any friends. Really?!

The Neighbor’s Club members have been spending most of their free time, if not all, together.  Let’s take a look at the list of things they’ve done together.

  • Sing karaoke (although in different rooms)
  • Swim at the pool (failed, but they went together didn’t they?)
  • Holiday at a private beach
  • Play video games
  • Spent most of the summer holiday hanging out at the club

As far as I could tell, they are making plenty of friends. Each of them now has at least five friends no? Granted, the friendships aren’t very close.

I find it amusing to see the interpersonal relationship of Yozora and Sena as well as Kobato and Maria. For those who are following this series will know how these pairs never seem to get along with each other. Since the beginning and for a reason only she knows, Yozora took a liking to bully Sena. More often than not, whenever Yozora teases Sena, I pass it off as something she does because she is someone who doesn’t have a high EQ (Emotional Intelligence). It’s not a very good excuse, but Sena is a popular girl at their school. She only joins the club because she’s too popular with the boys that she couldn’t make any girl friends. It’s different case for Yozora.

As for Kobato and Maria, their rivalry is a result of their attachment to Kodaka. If it wasn’t for him, I bet they’ll get along just fine. I notice everytime they meet, Kobato and Maria will start to quarrel as if they just couldn’t stand the sight of each other. They even started punching and pushing each other when they found out they’re roommates at the beach house. That alone is enough to show how much they dislike one another.

But hey, guess what? They’re often found spending time together, even when they’re not bickering or shoving each other. Is it because they’re of same age that they find it easier to hang out with each other? I was actually smiling when I saw Kobato and Maria were hanging out watching the television together peacefully at the back. For a pair who does nothing but fight, it is a rare sight.

The same goes for Yozora and Sena. Since day one, all they did was fight and quarrel, nothing too friendly. But then again, Sena showed anxiety when Yozora mailed her that she was leaving the pool. They both have perfect understanding when plotting the not-so-perfect plan during their karaoke outing. And for the most part, Sena looks desperately wanting to be close and on friendly terms with Yozora.

The reasons why I wrote this post are 1) I find it weird why they keep saying they’re not making any friends, and 2) for Yozora and Sena, Kobato and Maria who can’t stand the sight of each other, they seem to enjoy the company of the other and would often be found nearby each other. Just thought it was kind of interesting…

Sometimes, friendship is a weird thing.


22 thoughts on “Musings on Yozora and Sena, Kobato and Maria

  1. You know, I once again a very close friend, we kept on bickering, the first time we talked I promised him a punch and we ended up actually hitting each other.
    He’s one of the closest friend I ever had.

    It translates as different things for everyone but I think the reason why they keep on arguing with each other is because they don’t know how to interact with people other than how they’re used to, they just have that much of a problem.
    As for Maria and Kobato if you look closely, aside from their rivalry for Kodaka’s love (which make them siblings strictly speaking) did you notice that most of their fights are actually roleplay?

    Oh well, I hope that the point of the show is to make them acknowledge their friendships (or rather said I hope the show has an actual point ^^)

    • I don’t think the show will have an actual point. You’re right about how they don’t know how to interact with people, especially Yozora I think.

      Also, in my culture, the older generation always say the more you bicker with someone, the more you like that someone…

  2. Well, usually people who fight a lot end up becoming friends in real life too, it’s weird how that works. I think Rika and Kodaka are the ones missing out here. Rika’s usually off in her own little world rather than interacting with the other characters. On the other hand, Kodaka is getting his own harem, which I think is better than friends.

    • I don’t know how that works but yeah, it’s true. I’ve seen a lot of cases like that before.

      Haha, speaking of Kodaka, I wonder why he doesn’t change the way he wear his school uniform when he already knows people are afraid of him because they thought he’s a delinquent.

  3. Nice post ^^
    It’s really interesting that Sena isn’t really angry that Yozora mistreats her most of the time, since she always comes back. Well, Yozora mainly does it when Sena is showing/faking her snotty attitude.
    I guess Sena wouldn’t mind being bullied a bit, if she only could make one good friend.

    Yozora isn’t that easy to read, you can only see that she wants to be close to Kodaka and loves bullying Sena, I can’t tell if she likes Sena a bit or just interacts with her because she is a good victim for being sadistic. Even though it was mainly a comedy scene, it appeared a bit hard when she pushed Sena to the ground with her foot while putting sunblock lotion on her back 😦

    As thing are now I wouldn’t consider the group as what you would call friends, but they are close to reach that state. Im still not sure about Rika and Yukimura, because it seems like they only interact with Kodaka. I hope they have an nice resolution by the end of this anime ^^.

    • Thanks =).

      I know right? I find it amusing why Sena keeps going back to Yozora. I do agree the Yozora-stepping-on-Sena part was a bit too much. It’s hard to understand what’s going through Yozora’s head when we hardly see her. I hope to see more emotions coming from her for the last few episodes.

      The term “friend” means differently for different people I think. Personally, I think they’re already friends. They just didn’t know it yet. =)

      Let’s hope they have a nice ending for this one!

  4. I enjoyed the relationship between Yozora and Sena a lot more in the beginning, when it seemed more like they disliked each other in the same snarky way. Now, though, I feel like a lot of their interaction is just Yozora tormenting Sena, which is less like a friend and more like a bully. I know that I would enjoy them a lot more if it did feel like they were friends deep down, but that idea just seems to be getting less and less true each episode.

    • Indeed Yozora’s bully has gotten worse each week but I do think Yozora wanted to be on good terms with Sena. She just doesn’t know how to do it the right way. At least, I hope that’s true.

  5. I know right. Saying that they haven’t made any progress was totally wrong. They have friends now and they are having fun together all the time.

    I really like this anime. The season 1 is ending tomorrow. Hopefully there is season 2 🙂

    • But I think in the end they will FINALLY realize that they’re friends after all. Haha. Can’t wait to watch the final episode to know what happened to them.

      Well, for me this anime is sometimes good, sometimes not too good. But it was fun overall.

  6. I’ll keep it short:
    -Sena is love.
    -Yozora plays her part as a Type A tsundere well and when she finally reveals her true self, it was okay. she’s alright.
    -Ku.Ku.Ku. is cool but her design’s true purpose of being lolicon bait upsets me.

    Glad you didn’t mention Rika because she sucks.

      • Isn’t it amusing how ironically oblivious they are to the fact they accomplished their club’s main goal? I guess that’s the show’s biggest joke. Personally I did like the show but it’s still forgettable. I think you agreed with me, Oh yeah, you’re the first comment on that review of mine.

        I’m so glad to meet another person who understands why I dislike Rika.

        • Lol, I guess like Feal said, it’s kind of what the show is all about although personally, I find it funny. Yes, you’re right. I agree with you. While I enjoyed my time spent on this anime, I don’t think I’ll remember any of its content few months down the road. Okay, maybe I’ll remember the cell phone part….and only that.

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