Angel Beats! Yuri

After a long wait, lo and behold, my Angel Beats! Yuri has arrived. Another product of Good Smile Company to my collection. What I like about this particular figure is her pose. It’s dynamic. Her skirt, hair, ribbon flowing. It’s beautiful. It’s as if she just whipped out her gun and is ready to shoot…even though she’s smiling. >.<

I missed the pre-order of this figure. I must’ve missed it entirely until the pre-order is closed! Cuz by the time I noticed her, she’s about to be released. She’s sold out from a lot of shops in Malaysia but lucky me – with the help of a local figure store, MomoToys, I back-ordered her.

Her sweet face.

Her weapon.

Another view of her weapon.


I thought her pose is much better than Kanade a.k.a Tenshi’s pose. You can see Tenshi’s pose here. I’m not getting her though.

She’s now accompanying the mini version of her, which you can find here.

10 thoughts on “Angel Beats! Yuri

  1. GSC did such a good job with Yuri, I was hoping they would make something just as good for Kanade’s figure, but it’s unfortunate they didn’t. I think the best part about Yuri here is her face, they nailed that perfectly.

    • Yes, it’s disappointing to see such a design for Kanade. Given their fantastic record, they could’ve done better. I love Yuri’s eyes here. =)

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